Office Design and Installation

Office DesignAre you a business owner in the Philadelphia area that is looking to make the most of your office space and improve its appearance and efficiency? Reach out to the professionals at Bellia Office Design for your office design and installation! We can completely remake your office into a much better looking and more usable space, with colors and styles that reflect your brand, and an office design that truly provides a return on your investment!

The Bellia Design Department is an integral part of our project team. We will collaborate with your Interior Design or Architectural firm, or we will directly design on your behalf. Using the latest technology, our designers will work to create space plans and specifications to provide you with the best possible solutions to meet all of your workspace needs. It all starts with your free workspace evaluation!


Using Real Time Design (™), Bellia offers an effective way for clients, architects and interior designers to interact and collaborate in the design of any workspace project. The benefit of this online collaboration is that it gives each client direct access to Bellia’s designer and their project’s creation. Not only can multiple users view and comment live on a project, but clients can contribute or make alterations to the design of their project at every stage of its creative development.

Real Time Design (TM) is a live interactive creative process proven to:

  • Eliminate confusion
  • Reduce stress
  • Track time
  • Provide reports
  • Save money
  • Improve client/Bellia relationships
  • Limit assumptions
  • Improve the client’s’ experience
  • Installation

We offer the highest level of installation services by demonstrating quality standards. Based on project requirements, we are able to offer both Union and Non-Union labor. Certified Installers will deliver and install your workspace solutions in accordance with stringent installation guidelines.

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Get started today turning your office into a place you’ll love to be in. Click here to request an absolutely free workspace evaluation, and let us show you how your office space can be improved for the better!