The Bellia Family of Companies

The Bellia Family of CompaniesThe Bellia Family’s Philly office furniture workspace design approach calls upon four decades of experience with various industries and work environments. Bellia Enterprises and the Bellia Family have been serving the Philly office furniture needs of clients since 1973. In the late 1990’s we made alliances with major manufacturers and industry experts, vastly expanding our reach beyond the local markets. Our dedication to personal service determination to expand our capabilities are the driving forces behind our vision for growth.

Philly office furniture design for your business.

(1) Impact on Your Business

We always consider the impact your office interiors project will have on your business from both an economic, and philosophical view. Does this project enhance the company image? Does is consider the bottom line? Is it ultimately worth doing?

(2) Impact on Your Employees

If your employees aren’t happy then productivity will suffer. We consider the impact of a new office interior on worker productivity, use of space, lighting and ease of use.

(3) Long Term Impacts

Any new office interior will look good today. What about 5 years from now? What about 10 years? We strive to consider both the quality of your office furniture and the technology. Modern office furniture trends are wonderful but they shouldn’t be followed at the expense of quality and longevity.

(4) Maintaining Your Investment

We stand behind our products with warranty, repair and refinishing services. If it needs fixed, cleaned or repaired, we have got it covered.

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