Philadelphia Furniture Design for Tech Companies

Bellia are serve as the Philadelphia furniture design for tech companies. The look, feel, size, and pop of a room starts at the furniture. We recognize the importance of creating an environment for your staff to sink into on a daily basis. For employees to have sense of identity and comfort in their work space, it adds to the urgency and pride for the assignment at hand that the employer demands. Also, the aesthetic of you business will have a great affect on the feedback and references points made by your patrons. Was the room too loud? Too high end to feel safe? Taken care of enough to appease? Our team can shape the experience your patrons will have using the best measures possible to protect your business.

The Philadelphia (Philly) office furniture experts at Bellia provide world class interior office design and furnishings to the Greater Philadelphia area. Our catalog pertains to corporate, healthcare, educational and government organizations. We use our new design studio in in center city Philadelphia to support the businesses in Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware and Chester Counties. With such a stretch of varying offices, work spaces, and industries -there is no job too big for us to handle. Our team of design consultants has been providing quality office interior design and furniture since 1973.

Recently, we designed the office spaces for a biotechnology company. We provided:

  • Lobby, Lounge & Meeting Area
  • Conference Rooms & Touchdown Areas
  • Private Offices
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Reception and Waiting Area
  • Open Area (bullpen-style) Workstations

Let us be your go to as we continue our journey of being the best at Philadelphia furniture design for tech companies.

Philadelphia Furniture Design for High Traffic Areas

Philadelphia Furniture Design for High Traffic Areas

Having the right look and feel to your space is important. It matches the right aesthetic to the mission of your business, and can set the right tone for your customer relations. Its a visual first impression, and a physical memory for guests who enter your space looking top work with you. As a business owner, you don’t customers unsettled off by furniture that is unappealing or distracting. Having your business furnished to its maximum potential can make the difference between the first visit you take and the last visit you make. Bellia is the number one Philadelphia furniture design for high traffic areas.

The office furniture experts at Bellia provide interior office design and furnishings to the Greater Philadelphia area including: corporate, healthcare, educational and government organizations. With an experienced and stylish team with a wealth of understanding of the modern urban office space,  they will work with you to maximize the best use of space while maintaining a design that leaves a lasting impression on your clients and prospects. Bellia sources from over 200 office furniture manufacturers, giving us a vast and diverse catalog to choose from as make every interior as unique as your organization. Our four M’s is what we keep in mind while taking this journey with you.

(1) Maximize Use of Space, as space in the city is valuable and costly…so we make the most of it.

(2) Maximize Worker Productivity, as productivity is the key to a profitable business.

(3) Minimize Expenditures as office furniture is an investment. Make the most of your budget.

(4) Make a Lasting Impression as your space should communicate your corporate values.

No matter just starting out, or updating your space, our services span from Office Design/Installation, Relocation, Furniture Repair, and Furniture Installation.

For the Philadelphia business in high traffic areas that need furniture design, outfit your space with Bellia by contacting them here


Philadelphia Furniture Design for Retail Spaces

At Bellia Office Design, we’re not just about office furniture…one of our specialties is Philadelphia furniture design for retail spaces. We have years of experience serving clients in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas, and we know how to make the most of limited city building space. We can help design and furnish your retail areas to provide the best customer experience and maximum return on your furniture investment.

Using space strategically is vital to the success of a retail store, especially in a confined, high traffic area with lots of competition. Your arrangement of shelves, bookcases, display fixtures and other items should be strategically planned to allow traffic flow and easily draw a visitor’s attention. Your furniture design should also focus on customer behavior and interaction with your merchandise. Having to squeeze through displays or avoid tripping over carelessly arranged items creates a poor impression, and may ultimately cost you a customer’s business.

Let Bellia create a new plan for your furniture design…one that maximizes your limited square footage and allows for easy traffic flow. We can redesign and refurnish your store in a way that positively impact your customer’s experience. We source from multiple high quality furniture manufacturers, enabling you to select the ideal styles and colors for your brand. And Bellia works with you from start to finish, from assessing your needs and space to establishing a timeline to furniture installation. Throughout your project, we allow you to view the progress and suggest changes as needed.

You’ll not only love the new look of your retail space layout, you’ll love the increased traffic and improved customer experience. If you’d like to know more about how why Bellia is the team to call in Philadelphia furniture design for retail spaces, reach out to us today or click here to request a free work and space evaluation. Bellia can help you love the space you’re in!

Furniture for Collaborative Workspaces

In the office, your employees collaborating and sharing ideas and plans is every bit as important as their individual functions. In order for your team’s huddles to be most effective, your staff should be comfortable and encouraged to share opinions and ideas. Furniture for collaborative workspaces should be designed to make discussions productive and engaging, rather than feeling like a mandatory meeting.

For example, are your employees able to move freely at their desks? Do they have standing desk options or adjustable height furniture at their workspace? Are your conference rooms a comfortable place to gather, with a seamless appearance that blends in with the surroundings? Do you have phone areas available, where your staff can make calls or connect online remotely, with the privacy they need?

Collaborative workspaces, when created properly, offer employees the flexibility to engage in open discussion, while at the same time allowing for the focus they need for their own tasks. In the modern day office environment, flexibility is key…and your furniture selections can be customized to meet both your staff’s need for comfort and collaboration, and to maximize creativity and productivity.

Bellia Work + Space Professionals is a licensed dealer, and we can help you choose the ideal furniture for your office, conference rooms, lobby, and other gathering spaces. Our design team can assess your company goals, find the areas for office space improvement, and create or upgrade your current office design. Our quality, customized furniture for collaborative workspaces will create a relaxing atmosphere where your team can freely share ideas and improve productivity.

Creating an office atmosphere that is ideal for both innovation and collaboration is essential for both your employee well-being and for your bottom line. Reach out to Bellia for your collaborative workspace furniture needs…click here for your free workspace evaluation, and get started today!

Furniture for Mixed Uses

As the pace of change in office design increases, and the price of real estate climbs, making the most of your space becomes increasingly more important. Trends are constantly changing, and attracting top talent calls for flexibility in furniture and office design. Furniture for mixed uses that is adaptable for both temporary and permanent functions is a great way to maximize productivity and adapt for the future.

In this post published on our website, we discussed the importance of the Organic Workspace®, one that supports both adaptability, efficiency, and employee wellness and engagement. Each organization has the opportunity to design their workspace to meet the company’s and staff’s goals…whether employees are working from home more, standing at their desks, or spending time in collaboration with each other to grow ideas. Mixed use furniture can also help to keep re-alignment and relocation costs down.

Would you like for your employees to be able to meet in a space designed for multiple functions? How about phone areas to make important calls without fear of eavesdropping or disturbing others? Would you like foot traffic to flow more smoothly? Are more of your employees requesting standing desk options? In your next office design or redesign, these are all things worth considering…especially when furniture for mixed uses allows for more flexibility.

The professionals at Bellia are experts when redesigning your office space to meet your ever changing needs, including adaptability for the future. We source from a variety of furniture manufacturers, and can provide a wide selection of adaptable desks, desks that can be converted for standing, modular workstations and much more. Our team will work with you from start to finish to create an office design that improves both your employee engagement and your bottom line.

Reach out to us today for your free workspace evaluation, and find out more about how our furniture for mixed uses can improve your office design. At Bellia, we can help you love the space you’re in!

Furniture for Public Buildings in Philadelphia

In a metropolis like Philadelphia, there are a large number of government agencies overseeing multiple functions and government services. When choosing a contractor to design furniture for office buildings in Philadelphia, a local government requires that tasks be completed on time and within regulations. Offices, workspaces, reception areas and meeting rooms need to be designed not only with ergonomic and visual appeal, but also with an eye for security and regulatory concerns.

Furthermore, with government office design projects, timeliness is of the essence. Design teams need to coordinate the specifications and be able to change them on the fly with budget adjustments. The furniture suppliers and installation contractors need to meet the deadlines and stick to the schedule. A furniture design contractor should also be always available for feedback.

Bellia Work + Space Professionals have the experience and certifications you need to take on a new office design, furnishing a new agency office, or handle a relocation. In addition to years of office design experience, we hold a GSA packaged office contract and multiple contracts both in PA and NJ.

Our services in addition to quality office design include complying with security regulations, meeting the documentation procedures, addressing frequent storage challenges, and competing for project funding.

We will not only design or re-design ergonomically friendly and visually inviting work and reception areas for your agency, we will keep you involved throughout the process. Our furniture manufacturers offer a wide variety of colors and styles to match your brand, and our Real Time Design™ technology enables you to view the design throughout every stage, and request any changes or additions as needed.

Let Bellia be your provider of furniture for public buildings in Philadelphia. If you’d like to know more, call us today or use this form to request your free work and space evaluation. Bellia can help you love the space you’re in!

Furniture for Schools in Philadelphia

When choosing and designing furniture for schools in Philadelphia, it’s important to view the big picture. Philadelphia area schools and colleges, many of which are among the most prestigious in the nation, need a welcoming learning environment where both faculty and students can succeed. Classrooms, laboratories, cafeterias and lounges should be equipped with ergonomically centered and easily modifiable furniture to create a learning experience that works for students now and in the future.

At Bellia, we design learning spaces with all of these things in mind, with the goal of enhancing and improving classroom performance. We are a family-owned company that has been designing and furnishing school offices and classrooms in Philadelphia and South Jersey for over 40 years. Our experience enables us to make the most of your limited space in furniture design, while reflecting the brand of your school and encouraging collaboration.

Some of our recent successful projects in supplying furniture for schools in Philadelphia include:

Pan American Academy Charter School  – Bellia helped meet Pan American’s goal of bringing a fun and creative environment into their administrative offices, classrooms and cafeteria. We helped coordinate colors and fabrics to establish an overall color scheme. We installed adjustable seats for mobility in the computer lab, and added desks with ample storage and space in the administrative office.

Wissahickon Charter School – Bellia worked with The Remington Group to remake the interior design of classrooms and offices in Wissahickon Charter School’s new location. We added adjustable and movable desks and adjustable tables to classrooms, and created a comfortable and more efficient office environment for employees.

Those are just a couple of examples of how Bellia’s design of furniture for schools in Philadelphia can greatly improve the learning experience, while providing a flexible space for students and faculty. If you’d like to find out more about how we can improve your school’s experience, contact us today and tell us about your project and request a free evaluation. We look forward to helping you love the space you’re learning in.

Furniture for Law Offices in Philadelphia

Choosing the right furniture for law offices in Philadelphia is a vitally important consideration. America’s birthplace is an extremely competitive location, and law firms need every edge when it comes to attracting both prospective clients and top professional talent. From the reception area where visitors get the first impression, to board rooms where staff makes informed decisions, the visual appearance and comfort level matters.

Effective furniture design and selection that is both visually appealing and comfortable creates an impression of a well-organized, established firm in the community. The professionals at Bellia can create a new design or redesign your existing office, with new furniture that is arranged ergonomically and reflects your firm’s brand identity.

We source from over 200 top quality furniture manufacturers, enabling you to choose from a wide variety of colors and styles that fit your office culture. Our design team works with you to transform your space, with comfortable private offices, inviting reception areas, professionally arranged board rooms and more. We’ve been serving Philadelphia clients for many years, and we work with spaces large and small.

When you call on us for your law office’s furniture, we work fully evaluate your law firm’s office space and your needs, whether it’s bringing in new hires or attracting certain types of clients. We can design your furniture layout from start to finish, while keeping you and your team up to speed on the progress and making any revisions as needed. We’ll make sure that your new furniture not only maximizes comfort level and space usage, but also provides the best return on your firm’s investment.

See why Bellia is the established choice in furniture for law offices in Philadelphia. Contact us today or click here to get started with a free work and space evaluation. Let Bellia help you, your staff and your clients love the space they’re in!

Furniture for Banks in Philadelphia

Bellia Work + Space Professionals are your established providers of furniture for banks in Philadelphia. Our family of companies has been serving businesses in greater Philadelphia for over four decades, and we offer furniture design and sales that can improve your offices, lobbies, and lounge areas, and help enhance the customer and employee experience.

In a large and historic city like Philadelphia, a bank’s reputation could not be more vital to its success, and making a solid and reliable impression on every level includes effective furniture arrangement and design. From the lobby where the customer gets that first look, to the offices where employees need to be comfortable and effectively serve the bank’s clientele, furniture for banks should be comfortable, ergonomically friendly and reflective of the company brand. A well-designed bank lobby and offices create a solid, trustworthy, and long-lasting impression right away.

Leave your office and furniture design to the experienced professionals at Bellia. In our process, we take the time to fully evaluate your space and your company’s needs. We’ll work with your design team to ensure a design that maximizes both your space usage and comfort level. Throughout the progress of your design project, we keep you up to speed on the design, and we are available to make any revisions as needed in real time. Bellia sources from a number of top quality furniture manufacturers, and we can help you select the ideal furniture style for your bank’s needs.

Whether you are planning a modernization of your current offices, or are moving or expanding into a new facility, Bellia Work + Space can help your bank’s furniture design make a strong statement.

Find out more about why we’re a trusted choice in furniture for banks in Philadelphia. Contact us today or click here to request a free space evaluation. Let Bellia help you love the space you’re in!

Philadelphia Furniture Designers for Law Firms

Philadelphia Furniture Designers for Law FirmsA head of a law firm in a big city absolutely understands the value of impression, and should be selective when seeking Philadelphia furniture designers for law firms. Bellia Work + Space can truly remake and redesign your law office, from private offices and workstations to board rooms and reception areas. From start to finish of the project, we focus on comfort, visual appeal, and return on investment.

In a city where the practice of law is extremely competitive, your office design is critical. If your reception area appears disorganized or houses drab and older furniture, it creates an immediate poor impression…on potential clients, opposing counsel, and prospective new hires. Inside the office, it’s vital to pay attention to ergonomic details and office function in a way that attracts and keeps the best emerging legal talent, from recent law school graduates to paralegals and staff.

Let Bellia be your law firm’s office design solution. We will work with your team to design new spaces that are fully efficient and provide integrated technology. Bellia sources from over 200 furniture manufacturers, so you can easily choose from a wide variety of colors and styles to match your brand identity. We’ll create a beautiful, comfortable and ergonomically friendly office space that reflects your firm’s culture and provides a true ROI.

The Philadelphia furniture designers for law firms at Bellia can give your firm a true edge, in attracting top legal talent, retaining clients, and establishing your presence in the community. We’ve been serving Philadelphia area businesses for over 40 years, and companies in every industry trust us to design their office spaces right.

Get started today with our free workspace evaluation, and one of our experts will help assist you from the beginning of the process. Bellia will help you and your visitors love the space you’re in.