Urban Office Space Experts

Urban Office Space ExpertsAre you searching for urban office space experts in the Philadelphia area? The Bellia Work + Space Professionals are based right here in Center City, and we fully understand the challenges of maximizing limited office space. The Bellia family of companies has been serving local business needs for over 40 years, and our design team has valuable experience designing and furnishing offices in tight city quarters. Whether your office is a corporate, educational, healthcare or other facility, we can help create a workspace that you and your employees will love.

At Bellia, our design experts know how to maximize your costly and valuable space. We’ll help you with a design that is ergonomically sound and enables productivity, while promoting your corporate values. Whatever your office furniture budget, we can work with you to create workspace that provides a genuine return on your investment. And since we source from a large number of furniture manufacturers, we can select the ideal furniture look for your organization.

In addition, we use modern technology to ensure a smooth, efficient design process. We employ our own system of Real Time Design™, which puts you in charge of the ongoing layout. You and your team can view the progress from anywhere there is an Internet connection, and request changes as needed in real time. The Real Time Design™ process saves the time, money and stress of unnecessary re-work.

Contacting Urban Office Space Experts

Relocating your Philadelphia office or offices? Leave the planning hassles to us! Our urban office space experts can help you with transportation logistics and furniture relocation. You’ll be able to keep your business running with as little disruption as possible.

Make the best use of your Philadelphia urban office space. Contact Bellia today and let our experts provide you with a free workspace evaluation. We can help you love the space you’re in!