Philadelphia Workspace Designers

Philadelphia Workspace DesignersWhen you’re searching for Philadelphia workspace designers with a track record for improving productivity and a company’s bottom line, Bellia Work + Space is your destination. We provide interior office design and furniture for companies throughout the metropolitan area, including for corporate, healthcare and educational facilities. For over 40 years, the Bellia family has been serving the needs of Philadelphia area businesses, and we’re ready to meet your design needs large and small.

If you own a business in the city, you know the value of your often small amount of space. You may be in tight quarters, and you need to make the most of what you have…so that employees and visitors to your place of business are both comfortable and organized.

Your workspace should be designed to maximize productivity, and to make the most efficient use of your limited and valuable space. We work with you throughout the process, using our Real Time Design ™ technology to keep you in the loop. Our goal is to help you communicate your company values in your place of business, all while making the most of your design budget.

Our Philadelphia Workspace Design Benefits

The Philadelphia workspace designers at Bellia create offices with more in mind than just desks and chairs. We take into account multiple factors in office design:

The Impact on Your Business. Your office design should reflect your company’s image and improve your bottom line, and so it should be worth the cost of doing it right. Our designers take the time to examine the impact of an effective office redesign and how it reflects your company philosophy.

The Impact On Employees. Happy employees are productive employees, which makes the use of space and lighting of utmost importance. No one should be struggling to function in their workspace, be it from lack of space, insufficient lighting, or difficulty of use.

Long Term Impact. A new office design always looks terrific. But your investment needs to pay dividends down the road too. Are you thinking about your office’s productivity five or ten years down the road from now? Quality and longevity are more important than going along with current office trends.

Maintaining Your Investment. We not only stand behind all of our furniture products with a warranty, we’re there as needed for repair and refinishing services. When you remodel your office through Bellia, we’ve got you covered.

We source from over 200 office furniture manufacturers, giving us the ability to make every interior as unique as your organization. The hallmarks of every Philly office furniture design project are:

(1) Maximize Use of Space

Space in the city is valuable and costly…so we help you make the most of it.

(2) Maximize Worker Productivity

Productivity is the key to a profitable business.

(3) Minimize Expenditures

Office furniture is an investment. Make the most of your budget.

(4) Make a Lasting Impression

Your space should communicate your corporate values.

If you’d like to know more about how our design team can improve your Philadelphia workspace, we invite you to have a look at our Case Studies page, or contact us today for a free workspace evaluation. You’ve made a considerable investment in your Philadelphia office space for a reason…make the most of that investment. Let Bellia help you to love the space you’re in!