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Furniture for Law Offices in Philadelphia

Choosing the right furniture for law offices in Philadelphia is a vitally important consideration. America’s birthplace is an extremely competitive location, and law firms need every edge when it comes to attracting both prospective clients and top professional talent. From the reception area where visitors get the first impression, to board rooms where staff makes informed decisions, the visual appearance and comfort level matters.

Effective furniture design and selection that is both visually appealing and comfortable creates an impression of a well-organized, established firm in the community. The professionals at Bellia can create a new design or redesign your existing office, with new furniture that is arranged ergonomically and reflects your firm’s brand identity.

We source from over 200 top quality furniture manufacturers, enabling you to choose from a wide variety of colors and styles that fit your office culture. Our design team works with you to transform your space, with comfortable private offices, inviting reception areas, professionally arranged board rooms and more. We’ve been serving Philadelphia clients for many years, and we work with spaces large and small.

When you call on us for your law office’s furniture, we work fully evaluate your law firm’s office space and your needs, whether it’s bringing in new hires or attracting certain types of clients. We can design your furniture layout from start to finish, while keeping you and your team up to speed on the progress and making any revisions as needed. We’ll make sure that your new furniture not only maximizes comfort level and space usage, but also provides the best return on your firm’s investment.

See why Bellia is the established choice in furniture for law offices in Philadelphia. Contact us today or click here to get started with a free work and space evaluation. Let Bellia help you, your staff and your clients love the space they’re in!

Furniture for Banks in Philadelphia

Bellia Work + Space Professionals are your established providers of furniture for banks in Philadelphia. Our family of companies has been serving businesses in greater Philadelphia for over four decades, and we offer furniture design and sales that can improve your offices, lobbies, and lounge areas, and help enhance the customer and employee experience.

In a large and historic city like Philadelphia, a bank’s reputation could not be more vital to its success, and making a solid and reliable impression on every level includes effective furniture arrangement and design. From the lobby where the customer gets that first look, to the offices where employees need to be comfortable and effectively serve the bank’s clientele, furniture for banks should be comfortable, ergonomically friendly and reflective of the company brand. A well-designed bank lobby and offices create a solid, trustworthy, and long-lasting impression right away.

Leave your office and furniture design to the experienced professionals at Bellia. In our process, we take the time to fully evaluate your space and your company’s needs. We’ll work with your design team to ensure a design that maximizes both your space usage and comfort level. Throughout the progress of your design project, we keep you up to speed on the design, and we are available to make any revisions as needed in real time. Bellia sources from a number of top quality furniture manufacturers, and we can help you select the ideal furniture style for your bank’s needs.

Whether you are planning a modernization of your current offices, or are moving or expanding into a new facility, Bellia Work + Space can help your bank’s furniture design make a strong statement.

Find out more about why we’re a trusted choice in furniture for banks in Philadelphia. Contact us today or click here to request a free space evaluation. Let Bellia help you love the space you’re in!

Hotel Reception Area Designers

For hotel reception area designers that will beautify and make the most of your space, look to the professionals at Bellia Work + Space. We can furnish an entrance and lobby for your establishment that is colorful, attractive and functional. Our furniture design team works with you throughout the process to make your reception area is as inviting as can be.

A hotel’s reception area creates the most important impression on a visitor…the first one. Your entrance and reception desk should be a place where your guests immediately see the layout of the hotel and amenities. They should feel comfortable and confident that the hotel ownership is dedicated to a great stay. A well-organized, attractive and stylish reception area that takes into account space and hotel employees’ needs creates that impression.

Bellia’s designers are dedicated to creating hotel reception areas that both business owners and customers love. We furnish your spaces using furniture styles and colors that both reflect your hotel’s design and brand and make efficient use of your reception space. Your guests will immediately be relaxed and breathe easier when they see your attention to detail, as they head towards the reception desk to arrange their night’s stay.

We source from a large number of high quality furniture manufacturers, so our hotel reception area designers can reflect your hotel’s brand through a wide variety of brands and tastes. Your reception area will feature strategically arranged and comfortable chairs, sofas, and tables, where your guests can relax in a beautiful setting.

As the birthplace of this nation, Philadelphia is a top tourist destination. Make sure your reception area makes an impact on visitors and encourages them to return. Contact us today using this online form for a free space evaluation, and let us help your visitors and employees love the space they’re in!

Law Office Reception Design

Are you seeking law office reception design for your Philadelphia area law firm? Contact the office design professionals at Bellia Work + Space. We can create a reception area for you that is both attractive to the eye and functional for your staff and visitors. We’ve been designing office spaces in the Philadelphia area since 1973, and there is no job too large or small for our design team.

The reception area of your law office is a critical component of your firm’s success…it’s where a client or interviewee gets their first impression. A reception area with older or drab furniture that is insufficiently arranged can cost a law firm business and create a poor impression with opposing counsel or prospective legal talent. It’s vital to create a professional, vibrant and comfortable environment in the first room a visitor to your firm sees.

With any law office space design, Bellia’s goal is to provide return on your investment. Our law office reception design team can create an inviting space that reflects your firm’s culture and brand, while making the most efficient use of your room space. Your firm’s reception area will immediately leave a strong and lasting impression on both your clientele and staff.

Bellia sources from over 200 furniture manufacturers, so we can be flexible with your design to meet your goals. Choose from our wide variety of colors and styles to match your firm’s brand identity. We can furnish your reception area with comfortable and ergonomically friendly chairs, desks and tables, strategically placed for maximum comfort.

Let Bellia’s law office reception design professionals give your firm an edge…in landing clients, attractive top legal talent, and establishing your firm’s presence in the Philadelphia community.

Contact us today for a free workspace evaluation. We’ll help you and your firm’s visitors love the space you’re in.

Social Spaces for Business

With companies looking to improve employee interaction and innovation, many of them are creating social spaces for business in their workplaces. In contrast to a private, non-interactive set of cubicles in an office, a social space offers a more relaxed, open setting. Team members can share ideas, collaborate on projects, and feel part of an inclusive, non-hierarchical background. Social spaces enable employees to escape the focused grind of a cubicle, and gather in a relaxed atmosphere to exchange ideas and express opinions.

If you’re looking to improve employee interaction with a social space in your Philadelphia office, Bellia can help. We design office spaces of every style, and we can work with your team on the design that suits your social space needs. Our designs help facilitate innovation and production, and ultimately improve your bottom line.

Creating a social space for your employees is something you’ll want done right the first time. That’s why we’ve developed our own Real Time Design™ technology. With Real Time Design™, you and your team can view the design process from start to finish, from wherever you connect to the web. You can request changes as needed in real time, during any point in the design. Our interactive process saves clients the time, confusion and stress of re-design.

Once your design is complete, let us take care of installing your furniture. We can either furnish your space with high quality new furniture or less costly reconditioned furniture that looks and feels like new. You can trust our certified install team to follow our strict standards for safe and proper installation, and we can supply union or non-union labor as per your requirements.

If you’re looking at the potential of social spaces for business and how it can improve your own productivity, call the office design experts at Bellia. Click here today for a complimentary workspace evaluation, and let’s create a space you and your employees will love.

Office Design & Installation

Office DesignThe Bellia Design Department is an integral part of our project team. We will collaborate with your Interior Design or Architectural firm, or we will directly design on your behalf. Using the latest technology, our designers will work to create space plans and specifications to provide you with the best possible solutions to meet all of your workspace needs.


Using Real Time Design (™), Bellia offers an effective way for clients, architects and interior designers to interact and collaborate in the design of any workspace project. The benefit of this online collaboration is that it gives each client direct access to Bellia’s designer and their project’s creation. Not only can multiple users view and comment live on a project, but clients can contribute or make alterations to the design of their project at every stage of its creative development.
Real Time Design (TM) is a live interactive creative process proven to:

  • Eliminate confusion
  • Reduce stress
  • Track time
  • Provide reports
  • Save money
  • Improve client/Bellia relationships
  • Limit assumptions
  • Improve the client’s’ experience
  • Installation

We offer the highest level of installation services by demonstrating quality standards. Based on project requirements, we are able to offer both Union and Non-Union labor. Certified Installers will deliver and install your workspace solutions in accordance with stringent installation guidelines.

Office Relocation & Project Management

Office Relocation Services

Because office relocation can be a disruptive and stressful undertaking for a company, there are a number of issues to address. When left to the last minute, these tasks will become difficult to handle and extremely time consuming. Bellia has years of experience helping our clients in the planning process of an office relocation. We provide various relocation services including transportation logistics, your workspace relocation and verifying field dimensions.

Project Management

At Bellia, we understand that the success of a project depends on a detailed list of important and interrelated tasks that must be scheduled in sequence and coordinated with appropriate resources. Our project coordinators are fully conversant in all aspects of the interior fit-up process and are able to interact with and/or oversee all trades on a professional level.

Our project management staff can assist you with:
1. Logistics coordination
2. Scheduling
3. Trades and general contact assistance
4. Contracts Management
5. Project finalization – punch list and corrective actions management

Office Furniture Repair & Inventory

In addition to designing, selling and installing your furniture, We stand behind our work and become your first call for any furniture re-orders, storage, inventory and repairs. Our office furniture repair and warehouse services give you peace of mind in knowing that your investment is backed by a team of experts.

Office Furniture Inventory Management

Bellia has vast experience in providing storage and warehousing. Based on your unique needs, we will help you determine the best plan for implementing a warehousing program. We can transfer inventory and store all products from our regional warehouse. Product is inventoried by manufacturer, part number, finish, and quantity, making it easy to transfer the data into either CAD or other specifying tools.

Our workplace solutions will provide your company with a useful life of several decades. Your investment in your workspace is significant. Properly maintaining a useful inventory, keeping product out of the warehouse and reducing your vocabulary of products will maximize the return on your investment. With our simple web based solution, managing existing inventory becomes easy and stress-free.

Furniture for Educational Institutions

The ideal learning environment motivates, enriches and provides for positive educational experiences. At Bellia, we specialize in educational environments that enhance achievement by creating structured facilities with the ability to be flexible and adapt to changing circumstances which provides both students and instructors positive reinforcement. Simple and complex spaces can be designed to exact specifications and produce an engaging, stimulating learning experience for all ages.

Educational Classrooms

The KI line of products for classrooms are flexible, adaptable, versatile and a low cost product. KI has designed bold, sleek and ergonomically designed teacher and student desks and chairs that will support student engagement and learning. KI’s Intellect Desks and the KI Intellect Wave Desk combined with the KI Strive Chair are designed to improve the look and performance of today’s educational facilities through creativity and comfort. KI’s products are functional and comfortable and provide students and teachers alike with the perfect seating and worksurface options.

Educational Media Centers

With the KI CrossRoads study carrels, students will have space for private study. Carrels are available as stand-up computer stations, at ADA height, and in single and double-face units in 36” and 48” widths. Combined with other products in the CrossRoads line, students and teachers have functional and convenient comfort in their educational media centers.

Educational Administration Areas

Educational administrators need flexible, functional and reconfigurable solutions for their workplace. The result of a twofold approach aimed at creating contemporary and affordable furniture solutions for the workplace. Lacasse’s line of products are contemporary in their proportions and structural design, while allowing for customizations to suit various needs. Lacasse’s products offer an abundance of shapes, components, colors and finishes that are durable and reliable without straining the budget. With a vast selection of workspace and storage solutions, they can accommodate any office size, function and layout.

Collaborative Seating for Educational Environments

In learning environments, students, teachers and administrators benefit from collaborative seating options in classrooms and common areas. The JSI Ziva and Connect address the needs of today’s need for configurable and comfortable seating options. Another seating option that provides collaborative seating options is the Ideon line. The Ideon Visit and Composium are a broad and versatile lounge-style collection that allows for inventive space planning and supports collaboration and spontaneous pull-up meetings. The Arold-Hip Hop collection will give character to any space with its fluid, contemporary design.

Lecture Halls for Educational Institutions

Bellia has various products from the KI line that will suit all of your lecture hall needs. By providing comfortable seating for students, not only will it increase learning, but improve attention and retention. From the KI Wharton Lectern, which was designed with the help of professors from the prestigious Wharton School of Business to the KI Lancaster Auditorium Seating which enhances learning through comfortable seating. The KI line of products also features indoor/outdoor stadium seating and the KI Concerto Auditorium seating which has a more refined, upscale look.


With lab seating, it is important to have a product that is durable and adjustable seating. The KI 800 and 600 series have proven their value in many applications. The KI line of lab seating is an appropriate choice for a wide range of tasks. The Lacasse-Neocase is an environmentally responsible solution modular casework that provides the perfect storage and work surface for use in laboratories.


Cafeteria furniture needs to create a functional and enjoyable environment for students to dine. THe KI Portico Table and KI Uniframe are adaptable pieces that allow for cafeterias to double as meeting or workspaces as well. There durable, flexible nature make a smart choice for schools. The KI Cafeway design is movable and easily collapsible when needed. The Sitonit–Oncall product is a lightweight and affordable seating option that is a stylish option for cafeterias and lunchrooms.