Philadelphia Office Furniture Vendors

Philadelphia Office Furniture VendorsAre you looking to relocate or redesign your office space? Does your office need new furniture to replace your existing, aging furniture? The Philadelphia office furniture vendors at Bellia Work + Space Professionals have been providing office solutions to businesses, healthcare, and government entities in the greater Philadelphia area now for over 40 years! We know how to design an office that maximizes comfort, visual appeal and productivity. Bellia may be family-owned, but no job is too big for us to handle.

Office furniture and design is about more than creating a better looking and modernized office. A truly worthwhile office design uses the right furniture style and space organization for maximum comfort and ergonomic benefits. When you redesign your office, you should have return on investment in mind. That’s what we at Bellia do!

Philadelphia Office Furniture Vendors Services

Our furniture vendors bring a wealth of expertise and experience to your project. Our services include:

Office Design + Installation. Bellia uses our own technology of Real Time Design™. Real Time Design™ enables you and your team to communicate directly with our interior design team. You can offer feedback and request changes throughout every stage of the workspace plan. Real Time Design™ is proven to reduce stress, lower costs and eliminate confusion.

Office Relocation. No one likes the hassle and stress of moving an entire office. We handle everything from transportation logistics and scheduling to contract management and space verification. And we plan them all ahead of time, so pop-up crises don’t take over your team’s productivity.

Furniture Repair + Inventory Management. Bellia stands behind our work, and we are ready to assist you with re-orders and repairing damaged furniture. We can also develop and office furniture inventory plan that will help you keep product out of the warehouse and serving the function you paid for.

Want to see some of our case studies and finished projects and the difference we’ve made for offices in the Philadelphia area? Click here!

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Reach out to Philadelphia office furniture vendors that will create an office that improves your productivity and bottom line. Give the professionals at Bellia a call today at (215) 666-4170. Or you can click here to request a free workspace evaluation, and let one of our experts start the process for you. We look forward to changing your space for the better…and for the future!