Office Furniture Repair & Inventory

In addition to designing, selling and installing your furniture, We stand behind our work and become your first call for any furniture re-orders, storage, inventory and repairs. Our office furniture repair and warehouse services give you peace of mind in knowing that your investment is backed by a team of experts.

Office Furniture Inventory Management

Bellia has vast experience in providing storage and warehousing. Based on your unique needs, we will help you determine the best plan for implementing a warehousing program. We can transfer inventory and store all products from our regional warehouse. Product is inventoried by manufacturer, part number, finish, and quantity, making it easy to transfer the data into either CAD or other specifying tools.

Our workplace solutions will provide your company with a useful life of several decades. Your investment in your workspace is significant. Properly maintaining a useful inventory, keeping product out of the warehouse and reducing your vocabulary of products will maximize the return on your investment. With our simple web based solution, managing existing inventory becomes easy and stress-free.