Furniture for Public Buildings in Philadelphia

In a metropolis like Philadelphia, there are a large number of government agencies overseeing multiple functions and government services. When choosing a contractor to design furniture for public buildings in Philadelphia, a local government requires that tasks be completed on time and within regulations. Offices, workspaces, reception areas and meeting rooms need to be designed not only with ergonomic and visual appeal, but also with an eye for security and regulatory concerns.

Furthermore, many public buildings in a big city such as Philadelphia are limited in the amount of space that they have to work with. Being able to maximize the usage of space while enabling employees to work comfortably is a challenge, and a professional and experienced design team can meet that challenge.

With government office design projects, timeliness is of the essence. Design teams need to coordinate the specifications and be able to change them on the fly with budget adjustments. The furniture suppliers and installation contractors need to meet the deadlines and stick to the schedule. A furniture design contractor should also be always available for feedback.

Supplying Furniture for Public Buildings in Philadelphia

Bellia Work + Space Professionals have the experience and certifications you need to take on a new office design, furnishing a new agency office, or handle a relocation. In addition to years of office design experience, we hold a GSA packaged office contract and multiple contracts both in PA and NJ.

Our services in addition to quality office design include complying with security regulations, meeting the documentation procedures, addressing frequent storage challenges, and competing for project funding.

We will not only design or re-design ergonomically friendly and visually inviting work and reception areas for your agency, we will keep you involved throughout the process. Our furniture manufacturers offer a wide variety of colors and styles to match your brand, and our Real Time Design™ technology enables you to view the design throughout every stage, and request any changes or additions as needed.

Let Bellia be your provider of furniture for public buildings in Philadelphia. If you’d like to know more, call us today or use this form to request your free work and space evaluation. Bellia can help you love the space you’re in!