Furniture for Educational Institutions

The ideal learning environment motivates, enriches and provides for positive educational experiences. At Bellia, we specialize in educational environments that enhance achievement by creating structured facilities with the ability to be flexible and adapt to changing circumstances which provides both students and instructors positive reinforcement. Simple and complex spaces can be designed to exact specifications and produce an engaging, stimulating learning experience for all ages.

Educational Classrooms

The KI line of products for classrooms are flexible, adaptable, versatile and a low cost product. KI has designed bold, sleek and ergonomically designed teacher and student desks and chairs that will support student engagement and learning. KI’s Intellect Desks and the KI Intellect Wave Desk combined with the KI Strive Chair are designed to improve the look and performance of today’s educational facilities through creativity and comfort. KI’s products are functional and comfortable and provide students and teachers alike with the perfect seating and worksurface options.

Educational Media Centers

With the KI CrossRoads study carrels, students will have space for private study. Carrels are available as stand-up computer stations, at ADA height, and in single and double-face units in 36” and 48” widths. Combined with other products in the CrossRoads line, students and teachers have functional and convenient comfort in their educational media centers.

Educational Administration Areas

Educational administrators need flexible, functional and reconfigurable solutions for their workplace. The result of a twofold approach aimed at creating contemporary and affordable furniture solutions for the workplace. Lacasse’s line of products are contemporary in their proportions and structural design, while allowing for customizations to suit various needs. Lacasse’s products offer an abundance of shapes, components, colors and finishes that are durable and reliable without straining the budget. With a vast selection of workspace and storage solutions, they can accommodate any office size, function and layout.

Collaborative Seating for Educational Environments

In learning environments, students, teachers and administrators benefit from collaborative seating options in classrooms and common areas. The JSI Ziva and Connect address the needs of today’s need for configurable and comfortable seating options. Another seating option that provides collaborative seating options is the Ideon line. The Ideon Visit and Composium are a broad and versatile lounge-style collection that allows for inventive space planning and supports collaboration and spontaneous pull-up meetings. The Arold-Hip Hop collection will give character to any space with its fluid, contemporary design.

Lecture Halls for Educational Institutions

Bellia has various products from the KI line that will suit all of your lecture hall needs. By providing comfortable seating for students, not only will it increase learning, but improve attention and retention. From the KI Wharton Lectern, which was designed with the help of professors from the prestigious Wharton School of Business to the KI Lancaster Auditorium Seating which enhances learning through comfortable seating. The KI line of products also features indoor/outdoor stadium seating and the KI Concerto Auditorium seating which has a more refined, upscale look.


With lab seating, it is important to have a product that is durable and adjustable seating. The KI 800 and 600 series have proven their value in many applications. The KI line of lab seating is an appropriate choice for a wide range of tasks. The Lacasse-Neocase is an environmentally responsible solution modular casework that provides the perfect storage and work surface for use in laboratories.


Cafeteria furniture needs to create a functional and enjoyable environment for students to dine. THe KI Portico Table and KI Uniframe are adaptable pieces that allow for cafeterias to double as meeting or workspaces as well. There durable, flexible nature make a smart choice for schools. The KI Cafeway design is movable and easily collapsible when needed. The Sitonit–Oncall product is a lightweight and affordable seating option that is a stylish option for cafeterias and lunchrooms.