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Furniture for Banks in Philadelphia

Bellia Work + Space Professionals are your established providers of furniture for banks in Philadelphia. Our family of companies has been serving businesses in the greater Philadelphia area for over four decades, and we offer furniture design and sales that can improve your offices, lobbies, and lounge areas, and help enhance the customer and employee experience.

Your Furniture and Office Design Professionals

In a large and historic city like Philadelphia, a bank’s reputation could not be more vital to its success, and making a solid and reliable impression on every level includes effective furniture arrangement and design. From the lobby where the customer gets that first look, to the offices where employees need to be comfortable and effectively serve the bank’s clientele, furniture for banks should be comfortable, ergonomically friendly and reflective of the company brand. A well-designed bank lobby and offices create a solid, trustworthy, and long-lasting impression right away.

With the stiff competition of banks in Philadelphia, every edge you have matters. Leave your office and furniture design to the experienced professionals at Bellia. In our process, we take the time to fully evaluate your space and your bank’s needs.

We’ll work with your design team to ensure a design that maximizes both your space usage and comfort level. Throughout the progress of your design project, we keep you up to speed on the design. We’ll always be available to help you make any revisions as needed in real time. Bellia sources from a number of top quality furniture manufacturers, and we can help you select the ideal furniture style for your offices, lobby, and waiting areas.

Call On Our Philadelphia Bank Furniture Experts Today!

Are you planning a modernization of your current offices? Or are you expanding into a new facility? Bellia Work + Space can help your bank’s furniture design make a strong statement. Find out more about why we’re a trusted choice in furniture for banks in Philadelphia. Contact us today or click here to request a free space evaluation. Let Bellia help you and your customers love the space you’re in!

Is your office design on a restricted budget? Bellia can assist you with top quality refurbished and used furniture items that look great and complement your design. Find out more about used and refurbished furniture here!

Corporate Business Furniture

If you’re a Philadelphia area business owner looking for corporate business furniture, don’t settle for a typical design…let your office make a statement! The team at Bellia Work + Space Professionals can design and furnish an office for your company that is inviting to occupants, encourages productivity and boosts your bottom line.

In big city offices especially, space is at an absolute premium. Companies looking to maximize that space should be considering flexible designs that allow for flexibility and innovation, while still reflecting the company culture. A drab, dreary office with the typical cubicles and worn out chairs is discouraging, both to employees and visiting customers.

Your company deserves a better look and the ability to attract the top talent…and your office should reflect that! Whether you’re furnishing a new office, relocating it, or redesigning your existing office, Bellia can create an ideal workspace for you with quality brand new or refurbished furniture. We are a licensed Haworth(R) dealer, and we install their beautifully modernized and comfortable corporate business furniture throughout the area.

We start with a free workspace evaluation, where we offer suggestions and ideas based on years of experience with companies like yours. Once you agree to let us create your new office, we’ll make sure your people and our design team stay on the same page throughout. We employ our Real Time Design™ technology, which allows you and your team to view the progress and suggest changes anywhere there is an Internet connection. Our design process helps to save the time and costs of rework.

Once we’ve finished your design and you’ve selected your quality furniture, our install team will take care of the rest. We’ll install your corporate business furniture according to strict guidelines, using union or non-union labor as needed. We can also help you choose colors and styles of furniture and other products to reflect your company’s brand and image.

We help to redesign and reshape your office space for maximum comfort, appearance, efficiency, and most of all, return on your investment. You, your employees, and your visitors will love both the attractive space and how easy it is to get around and get things accomplished.

Reach Out For Your Corporate Business Furniture Design Today.

It’s time you loved the space you’re in…contact Bellia today for a free workspace evaluation, and let us help you make your office the best it can be!

Free Office Space Design Consultation

If you are a Philadelphia-based business owner that is looking to furnish your new office, redesign an existing one, or relocate to a new facility, contact the team at Bellia. We will provide you with an absolutely free office space design consultation to help determine your needs and how best to meet them.

In our consultation, we’ll look at your work environment and show you ways to maximize your space, increase employee morale, and boost your productivity. Our goal is to not only provide your office with a beautiful new look, but ultimately to help you achieve a great return on your investment.

Bellia understands that your office design isn’t just about the furniture. A company’s office affects employees’ morale and output. In your free office space design consultation, we’ll work with you on achieving your company’s goals…whether it is attracting new hires, planning for new growth, or downsizing from a previous space. We will show you how best to reflect your company culture and brand identity through your office design.

We can also discuss the methods of the process we’ll use to reshape your workspace. We can work hand in hand with your design team or provide our own. Be sure to ask about our Real Time Design™ technology…we use a process that allows you and your design team to view the progress of the design from start to finish and request changes as needed. We can also discuss installation procedures and working with union or non-union labor.

Interested in seeing some of our completed office space design projects? We invite you to have a look at some of our case studies here…see the difference we can make for your office space, and find some ideas for improvement that you can use in your own office space.

Request Your FREE Office Space Design Consultation Today!

At Bellia, we’ve been helping Philadelphia businesses for over 40 years and three generations. Our office design professionals can help you make the most of your Philadelphia office space. Click here to request your free design consultation, and let’s get started on creating a space you and your employees will love!

Furniture for Mixed Uses

As the pace of change in office design increases, and the price of real estate climbs, making the most of your space becomes increasingly more important. Trends are constantly changing, and attracting top talent calls for flexibility in furniture and office design. Furniture for mixed uses that is adaptable for both temporary and permanent functions is a great way to maximize productivity and adapt for the future, especially in an environment where more employees are working remotely and offices adjust to add more collaborative spaces.

In this post published on our website, we discussed the importance of the Organic Workspace®, one that supports both adaptability, efficiency, and employee wellness and engagement. Each organization has the opportunity to design their workspace to meet the company’s and staff’s goals…whether employees are working from home more, standing at their desks, or spending time in collaboration with each other to grow ideas. Mixed use furniture can also help to keep re-alignment and relocation costs down.

Would you like for your employees to be able to meet in a space designed for multiple functions? How about phone areas to make important calls without fear of eavesdropping or disturbing others? Would you like foot traffic to flow more smoothly? Are more of your employees requesting standing desk options? In your next office design or redesign, these are all things worth considering…especially when furniture for mixed uses allows for more flexibility.

The professionals at Bellia are experts when redesigning your office space to meet your ever changing needs, including adaptability for the future. We source from a variety of furniture manufacturers, and can provide a wide selection of adaptable desks, desks that can be converted for standing, modular workstations and much more. Our team will work with you from start to finish to create an office design that improves both your employee engagement and your bottom line.

We invite you to have a look at our case studies here, and see the difference we’ve made for multiple offices in the Philadelphia region. We’re dedicated to helping you redesign your office for maximum productivity, the best possible use of your limited space, and a true return on your office redesign investment.

Find Out More About Furniture For Mixed Uses Today.

Reach out to us today for your free workspace evaluation, and find out more about how our furniture for mixed uses can improve your office design. At Bellia, we can help you love the space you’re in!

Furniture for Collaborative Workspaces

In the office, your employees collaborating and sharing ideas and plans is every bit as important as their individual functions. In order for your team’s huddles to be most effective, your staff should be comfortable and encouraged to share opinions and ideas. Furniture for collaborative workspaces should be designed to make discussions productive and engaging, rather than feeling like a mandatory meeting. As more and more employees work remotely, it’s an opportunity for companies in the region to redesign their office space and make the most of collaborative spaces.

For example, are your employees able to move freely at their desks? Do they have standing desk options or adjustable height furniture at their workspace? Are your conference rooms a comfortable place to gather, with a seamless appearance that blends in with the surroundings? Do you have phone areas available, where your staff can make calls or connect online remotely, with the privacy they need?

Collaborative workspaces, when created properly, offer employees the flexibility to engage in open discussion, while at the same time allowing for the focus they need for their own tasks. In the modern day office environment, flexibility is key…and your furniture selections can be customized to meet both your staff’s need for comfort and collaboration, and to maximize creativity and productivity.

Bellia Work + Space Professionals is a licensed dealer, and we can help you choose the ideal furniture for your office, conference rooms, lobby, and other gathering spaces. Our design team can assess your company goals, find the areas for office space improvement, and create or upgrade your current office design. Our quality, customized furniture for collaborative workspaces will create a relaxing atmosphere where your team can freely share ideas and improve productivity.

Want to see more about how we can improve your office design and space for the better? Click here to have a look at some of our recent case studies and the difference we’ve made for multiple types of businesses in the area. Our mission with every project is to maximize your space, your productivity, and your office redesign investment.

Find Out More About Furniture For Collaborative Workspaces Today.

Creating an office atmosphere that is ideal for both innovation and collaboration is essential for both your employee well-being and for your bottom line. Reach out to Bellia for your collaborative workspace furniture needs…click here for your free workspace evaluation, and get started today!

Philly Office Furniture Dealers

Philly Office Furniture Dealers

Philly Office Furniture Dealers

With our years of experience as Philly office furniture dealers, we’ve picked up a wealth of knowledge in understanding our clients’ needs. For over 40 years, the Bellia family has been helping businesses in the Philadelphia and South Jersey area succeed. We can work with offices of any size, and can help maximize your space with the ideal brands of furniture and a sleek, modern design.

New cubicles, desks, private offices, workstations, conference rooms, waiting rooms and other office furniture are all available from Bellia at reasonable prices. We are a proud dealer of new and used office furniture, including from highly rated brands like Haworth®. When it’s time to re-do and improve your Philadelphia office space, we’re the experienced team to call!

Your Choice for Philly Office Furniture Dealers

The quality of your workspace design couldn’t be more important…especially if you have a limited amount of space in a city office. Your office should be designed for maximum productivity, it should be ergonomically friendly, and it should be a place where both employees and visitors feel comfortable. Comfort, colors, ease of movement and so much more…it all matters!

At Bellia, our goal is to maximize your workspace and productivity. With our free workspace evaluation, one of our experts will meet with you at your location, review all of your plans and needs, and work with you from the start to the finish of your new workspace design. We work with several of the top brands of vendors in the furniture industry including Haworth®, so you’ll be able to choose the ideal furniture, placement, color scheme and maximum ergonomic benefit.

Our workspace evaluation can be designed to support social distancing as needed, and we can work with you on designing collaborative and social spaces as well. If more of your employees are working remotely these days, we can help to maximize the use of your newly increased space.

When you’re ready to replace your existing office furniture, give your office a complete makeover, or relocate to a new location, reach out to the Philly office furniture dealers at Bellia and request your free workspace evaluation. We’re looking forward to creating a beautiful, productive workspace that you and your employees will love and bringing you a return on your furniture investment!

Philadelphia Furniture Design for Retail Spaces

At Bellia Office Design, we’re not just about office furniture…one of our specialties is Philadelphia furniture design for retail spaces. We have years of experience serving clients in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas, and we know how to make the most of limited city building space. We can help design and furnish your retail areas to provide the best customer experience and maximum return on your furniture investment.

Using space strategically is vital to the success of a retail store, especially in a confined, high traffic area with lots of competition. Your arrangement of shelves, bookcases, display fixtures and other items should be strategically planned to allow traffic flow and easily draw a visitor’s attention. Your furniture design should also focus on customer behavior and interaction with your merchandise. Having to squeeze through displays or avoid tripping over carelessly arranged items creates a poor impression, and may ultimately cost you a customer’s business.

Let Bellia create a new plan for your furniture design…one that maximizes your limited square footage and allows for easy traffic flow. We can redesign and refurnish your store in a way that positively impact your customer’s experience. We source from multiple high quality furniture manufacturers, enabling you to select the ideal styles and colors for your brand. And Bellia works with you from start to finish, from assessing your needs and space to establishing a timeline to furniture installation. Throughout your project, we allow you to view the progress and suggest changes as needed.

You’ll not only love the new look of your retail space layout, you’ll love the increased traffic and improved customer experience! If you like, you can view some of our case studies here, and see the difference we can make in your office space.

Get Started With Your Philadelphia Retail Space Furniture Design!

If you’d like to know more about how why Bellia is the team to call in Philadelphia furniture design for retail spaces, reach out to us today or click here to request a free work and space evaluation. Bellia can help you love the space you’re in!

Furniture for Law Offices in Philadelphia

Furniture for Law Offices in Philadelphia

Furniture for Law Offices in Philadelphia

Choosing the right furniture for law offices in Philadelphia is a vitally important consideration. America’s birthplace is an extremely competitive location, and law firms need every edge when it comes to attracting both prospective clients and top professional talent. From the reception area where visitors get the first impression, to board rooms where staff makes informed decisions, the visual appearance and comfort level matters.

Effective furniture design and selection that is both visually appealing and comfortable creates an impression of a well-organized, established firm in the community. The professionals at Bellia can create a new design or redesign your existing office, with new furniture that is arranged ergonomically and reflects your firm’s brand identity. Visit our Case Studies page to see the difference Bellia has made with a variety of companies.

We source from over 200 top quality furniture manufacturers, enabling you to choose from a wide variety of colors and styles that fit your office culture. Our design team works with you to transform your space, with comfortable private offices, inviting reception areas, professionally arranged board rooms and more. We’ve been serving Philadelphia clients for many years, and we work with spaces large and small.

When you call on us for your law office’s furniture, we work fully evaluate your law firm’s office space and your needs, whether it’s bringing in new hires or attracting certain types of clients. We can design your furniture layout from start to finish, while keeping you and your team up to speed on the progress and making any revisions as needed. We’ll make sure that your new furniture not only maximizes comfort level and space usage, but also provides the best return on your firm’s investment.

Get Started With Your New Philadelphia Law Office Furniture Today!

See why Bellia is the established choice in furniture for law offices in Philadelphia. Contact us today or click here to get started with a free work and space evaluation. Let Bellia help you, your staff and your clients love the space they’re in!

Philadelphia Center City Office Furniture Design Firm

Bellia, an experienced Philadelphia Center City office furniture design firm on 15th Street, will outfit your office with new cubicles, new desks, new private offices, new workstations, new conference rooms, new waiting rooms, and other furniture you will love. Clients count on the professionals at Bellia to give your facility an affordable, quality look.

In addition to offering clients access to the leading Philadelphia Center City office furniture design firm, Bellia has one of the widest selections of furniture in the region in its headquarters on 15th Street.

The top-of-the-line Philadelphia Center City office furniture design firm at Bellia offers the most desired brands in the office furniture design business. This means you can be confident you are receiving the best in furniture in Philadelphia Center City at competitive prices.

We Are Your Philadelphia Center City Office Furniture Design Firm

The expert Philadelphia Center City office furniture design firm at Bellia, from its office on 15th Street, can help you figure out what you need when it comes to what will match your current furniture. We are the ideal furniture source for start-ups and small businesses as we provide competitively priced furniture from the industry’s leading firm.

When you are in the market for new cubicles, new desks, new private offices, new workstations, new conference rooms, new waiting rooms or other furniture in Philadelphia Center City, the Philadelphia Center City office furniture design firm at Bellia will be there for you. Bellia is proud to offer all fine brands of products.

From our offices on 15th Street, we offer clients across the region the best in furniture for a single office, room or area or for an entire suite of offices, cubicles or workstations. We are committed to wide selection and high quality when it comes to the furniture we offer for purchase and we have answers for all your questions about furniture in Philadelphia Center City.

Philly Office Furniture Suppliers


Look to Bellia for one of the largest selections of new office furniture in the region. We offer the best availability among all quality Philly office furniture suppliers.

New private offices, new desks, new workstations, new cubicles, new conference rooms, new waiting rooms and other new office furniture from Bellia can be yours at reasonable cost. You can count on the Philadelphia office furniture suppliers at Bellia to offer new office furniture in Philly that you can count on.

Your Philly Office Furniture Suppliers

The professional Philadelphia office furniture suppliers at Bellia offer the top brands in the office furniture industry so you can be confident you are getting the top new office furniture in Philly at great prices. We are happy to have all the fine brands products from the leading Philly office furniture suppliers.  Bellia is dedicated to expansive selection and high quality when it comes to the new office furniture we offer for purchase.

When you are in the market for new conference rooms, new cubicles, new waiting rooms, new desks, new private offices, new workstations, or other new furniture for the office in Philly, the Philadelphia office furniture suppliers at Bellia will be there for you.

We give customers around the area the best in new office furniture for a single office, room or area or for an entire suite of offices, cubicles or workstations.  As a perfect answer for those just beginning and small businesses, Bellia provides competitively priced new office furniture in Philly from quite a few of the country’s leading firms.

The expert Philadelphia office furniture suppliers at Bellia can assist you in calculating what you require to go with your current office furniture.  We have answers for all your questions about new office furniture in Philly.