Philadelphia Shared Workspace Designers

Philadelphia Shared Workspace DesignersLooking for expert Philadelphia shared workspace designers to help rent out your excess office space? Call the professionals at Bellia Work + Space. We’re located right here in Center City, and we provide quality office design and furnishings for every type of business in Philly. At Bellia, we make sure that your office space is inviting and comfortable, and maximizes productivity and profitability. 

You and your business can profit from your unused office space. You can also help a smaller business benefit from reduced office costs sharing your office. But there can be challenges with renting that space. Businesses sharing an office put more wear and tear on the equipment and furniture. Dividing an office with partitions and soundproofing adds costs, and the office must be divided properly with additional safeguards for certain businesses like medical or legal entities. You may also need to add additional cleaning and receptionist help.

The team of professional designers at Bellia have years of experience with specific office needs. We involve you and your team throughout the design process with our Real Time Design™ technology, enabling you to view the ongoing progress in the design and request changes as needed. Once we design your shared workspace, our Certified Installers will install the highest quality furniture as per your request. We’ll make sure that your workspace is properly divided, and that it is welcoming and attractive to potential tenants.

Want to know more? We invite you to view some of our completed projects on this website, and see how our team of Philadelphia shared workspace designers can enhance your office space and bottom line. Contact Bellia today to speak with a representative and get a free workspace evaluation. We can help you love the space you’re in!