Delco Office Furniture

Delco Office FurnitureIf you are a Delaware County business owner searching for a quality name in Delco office furniture, try the professionals at Bellia Work + Space! We are located in central Philadelphia and provide top notch office design and furniture installation for businesses throughout the greater Metro area.

Office design is about more than desks and chairs…it’s about providing maximum comfort and productivity for your employees. How you arrange your office is just as important as the quality of the furniture…it makes an impression on both employees and visitors, and a well-organized space creates a great atmosphere.

Our goal is to maximize your office comfort and productivity and provide a return on your investment, and we do so through meeting ever-changing economic standards. Bellia is a family owned and operated company that has been serving the needs of businesses since 1973.

Our Delaware County Office Furniture Services

Below are a few of the Delco office furniture services we provide:

Office Design and Installation. At Bellia, we’ve developed our own design technology called Real Time Design ™. Real Time Design ™ is just that…it allows you to view your office planning in real time, and request changes as needed, reducing stress and saving time on re-work. Once the design is in place, we’ll stand behind our work with warranty and refinishing.

Office Relocation. Moving an entire office full of furniture can seem overwhelming. Let us handle the entire project for you…from transportation logistics to contracts management to ensuring field dimensions. We’ll take care of the moving and let you stay focused on running your business.

Furniture Repair + Inventory. Our warranty and refinishing services enable you to relax without having to worry about costly re-orders and repairs. We also can arrange for an inventory system to help keep your product out of the warehouse and serving the function you purchased it for.

Shared Workspaces. Are you interested in renting out a portion of your unused office space for additional profit? We can assist you with that too! Bellia offers shared workspace services that including soundproofing, adding dividing partitions and more. We can maximize your office space and improve your bottom line using a portion of it as rental space.

If you’d like to find out more about how Bellia can meet your Delco office furniture needs, take a look at the “Case Studies” on this website and view some of our finished projects. And when you’re ready to improve the look and feel of your office, contact us today or click here for a free workspace evaluation. We look forward to changing your office space for the better!